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A fan hinge kit is a device that allows the exhaust fan of a commercial kitchen hood system to be lifted for easy access and cleaning. Installing a fan hinge kit can prevent damage to the fan, the ductwork, and the roof. It ensures compliance with fire and health codes. Depending on the type and size of the fan, different hinge kits may be required.

Capital Steam Hood Cleaners offer fan hinge kit installation services. Our professional service follows the given steps:

Removing the existing screws from the fan

Attaching the hinge kit to the fan using the provided screws

Attaching the hinge kit to the ductwork using the provided screws

Testing the hinge kit to ensure that it is functioning properly

fan hinge kit.jpg

You must remember that the installation process for an oversized exhaust fan hinge kit differs from other hinge kits. Contact us today to learn more!

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