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Commercial Kitchen Safety Checklist 2024

We are all prepared to acknowledge that health inspections may occasionally be extremely stressful. When their establishment is being inspected, even seasoned restaurant owners can occasionally feel uneasy. When an inspection team arrives and throughout the year, you can be sure that safety procedures are being followed by providing your employees with the appropriate Commercial Kitchen Safety checklist. When properly cleaning your kitchen, there are many factors to take into account. Creating a list of equipment for the restaurant kitchen that accurately represents the needs of your company may be a crucial component. Any restaurant’s equipment will help in making sure that your team can prep, cook, bake, wash, and generally conduct the culinary parts of the restaurant, day in and day out.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

1. Cooking Ranges

  • Ovens with convection

  • Ovens with combinations

  • Ovens for pizza

  • Ovens on conveyors

2. Ventilation & Ranges

  • Ranges for gas and electric cooking

  • Airflow

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3. Cooking Appliances

  • Processors for batch bowls

  • Food processors with continuous feed

  • Buffalo choppers

4. Blenders

  • Manual mixers   

  • Mixers on a countertop   

  • Mixers on the floor


5. Cutlery

6. Cutting boards and countertops for preparing food

7. Refrigerators and Freezers

8. Safety Gear

9. Shelves and Storage Racks

10. Kitchenware for Restaurants

11. Tableware

12. Containers for Storage

13. Basins

  • Sinks in compartments   

  • Disposable sinks and bar sinks   

  • Units that drop in   

  • Sinks for handwashing   

  • Mop sinks   

  • Transportable sinks   

14. The KDS, or Kitchen Display System

15. Point-of-sale (POS) system

16. Steam Tables

17. Cleaning Tools

18. Stones for sharpening

19. Microwave

20. Makers of Ice

Commercial Kitchen Safety Checklist?

Since every restaurant operates at a different level, no two commercial kitchen safety checklists are the same. Just like your prep list, this checklist is different from other restaurant lists. Although prep lists are one of the many forms that can help you manage your restaurant efficiently, you should constantly remember that they will never be able to assist you pass any Kitchen Inspections. A proper checklist for restaurant kitchen inspections should focus primarily on conventional safety measures and all worker training.

The best course of action is to have it conspicuously displayed in your kitchen at all times. In order to update it with any new protocols that are established by local or national health agencies in the future, you may also store it in an easily accessible Excel file. Your restaurant kitchen inspection checklist will always safeguard both patrons and employees because these checklists are always made to prevent food contamination and to enhance kitchen safety.

Importance of Commercial Kitchen Safety Checklist

Inspections of Health

Health inspections often take place about four times a year and are conducted without warning. Your business could face severe consequences if you fail this health inspection exam. In most cases, it will lead to a low health rating, which could negatively impact your business. In the worst situations, it may even result in the closure of your restaurant and/or business.  Being a restaurant owner, you must be aware that the closing of your restaurant may result in most local print and online publications publishing the weekly list of restaurant inspections and all the sad facts as well. You would never want your restaurant to become well-known overnight for all the wrong reasons. However, it might happen very quickly.

Dietary Safety

Your restaurant kitchen inspection checklist can help you establish and uphold standards for a variety of safe activities that will impact your foodservice year-round, in addition to preparing your staff for any upcoming health inspections.  48 million Americans are estimated to become ill from foodborne illnesses each year, with restaurant-related illnesses accounting for the majority of cases. It goes without saying that a restaurant kitchen inspection checklist can assist prevent food-related contamination in addition to protecting your establishment.  You won't ever have to be concerned about infections spreading from your own kitchen by putting some important food handling and storage procedures into place. Never forget that unwell patrons are extremely detrimental to your establishment, and a thorough restaurant kitchen inspection checklist may help you maintain a spotless reputation.

Employee Management

Utilizing a tailored checklist for restaurant kitchen inspections not only readies your staff for unforeseen health audits but also provides precise insights for your management team. For a comprehensive understanding of the inspection criteria, a detailed checklist is essential. Beyond inspections, this thorough checklist, endorsed by Capital Steam Hood Cleaner Company, becomes a valuable training tool. It imparts fundamental knowledge on safe food handling, encompassing storage temperatures, and instills a standardized approach to ensure the safety of kitchen operations. Trust in the expertise of Capital Steam Hood Cleaner Company for a seamless integration of safety practices into your restaurant's daily operations.

Some Important/Detailed Elements That Must Be Included In Your Checklist

Preventive maintenance is essential to keeping your kitchen functional, as we have stated. Maintaining your equipment intentionally will help you stay away from expensive repairs and safeguard your health and safety. While each kitchen maintenance checklist is different and will have a somewhat different format, generally speaking, you should aim to cover the following topics:


Grills and Griddles

Everybody knows that griddles and grills are essential to many commercial kitchens' ability to prepare large quantities of hot food in a day. They assist make the most of the available space in your business kitchen and are rather simple to operate and clean.

You should include the following items on your checklist for your grills and griddles:

  • After each usage, clean the grills and griddles.

  • Make sure burners are clean.

  • Make sure grease filters are checked correctly.

Dishwashers & Sinks

The techniques you use to clean and sanitize your dishes play a critical role in keeping a clean and organized kitchen, regardless of whether you hand wash your dishes and cookware or use a commercial-grade cleaning system.

You should include the following items in your checklist for your dishwashers:

  • Replace the filter every 15 to 20 days.

  • To avoid clogs and drainage problems, make sure your staff members are properly trained to rinse food and any debris off plates and cookware before filling the dishwasher.

  • Verify the chemical content of any detergent, sanitizer, and rinse aids.

  • Check and replace the tank's water frequently.

  • Check your dish racks for any dents, chips, or other damage.



Any business kitchen that offers a lot of fried food in your restaurant has various types of gas or electric fryers. While bigger, busier kitchens may require multiple floor models to keep up with the demand for fried dishes, smaller, diner-style kitchens can make the most of the floor space in their kitchens thanks to countertop fryers.

The following items need to be on your maintenance checklist:

  • Regularly remove contaminated oil

  • Scrub fry baskets and look for any damage that may have happened.

  • Regularly inspect and clean the incinerator fans.

  • Always be very aware of the oil's quality while using it in the fryer.

  • Look for any gas leaks.


Despite what you may think, the range is the piece of kitchen equipment that is utilized the most. It will not only break down and cost you a lot of money, but it will also drastically lower your kitchen's productivity.

You can include the following items on your checklist to ensure that your commercial range keeps functioning correctly:

  • Grease valve knobs on a regular basis

  • Grates and burners are sanitized and locked.

  • Adjust the range and tidy up behind it.

  • Make that the thermostat is operating correctly on a regular basis.

Teach your kitchen workers how to operate ranges correctly to prevent damage and safety risks.

Freezers and Refrigerators

Food preservation and the extension of the shelf life of any cold or frozen goods depend heavily on precise and cautious temperature regulation. If a business restaurant's refrigerator or freezer breaks down, thousands of dollars' worth of food could be lost. Maintaining your commercial refrigerators and freezers requires constant attention to all of its various components, which is essential for commercial kitchen upkeep.

  • Make sure your checklist has the following items:

  • Examine the door closers and hinges of the refrigerator.

  • Tidy gaskets

  • Grease the hinges.

  • Inspect the electrical connections.

  • Check the insulation on the suction line.

  • Adjust thermometers for accuracy

Capital Steam Hood Cleaner offers a full range of installation services for commercial walk-in refrigerators in USA, from assisting you in choosing the best model to installing it with an emphasis on quality. For a very long time, our skilled refrigeration specialists have been installing commercial refrigeration systems.

As we navigate through 2024, the significance of a comprehensive commercial kitchen safety checklist cannot be overstated. The evolving landscape of kitchen operations demands meticulous attention to safety protocols, making it imperative for establishments to prioritize compliance. In the realm of restaurant management, ensuring the safety of both patrons and staff is non-negotiable.

A pivotal component of this checklist involves routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, a task adeptly handled by professionals specializing in restaurant exhaust hood cleaning. Establishments catering to senior living facilities, schools, and even golf courses should recognize the critical role of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in maintaining hygienic and secure environments. These meticulous procedures extend to kitchen exhaust duct cleaning, kitchen range hood cleaning services, and the broader spectrum of kitchen vent cleaning.

By incorporating these services seamlessly into our commercial kitchen safety checklist for 2024, we not only emphasize the importance of routine inspections but also underscore the expertise provided by professionals in kitchen cleaning services. As we look forward, adherence to these safety measures ensures that commercial kitchens operate at peak efficiency while prioritizing the health and well-being of all stakeholders.

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